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Welcome to Help (From Forum Message [#77731])2020-04-04 03:12
From Forum Help [#77731] [forum: 77731] So I downloaded CloneZilla 20200114-eoan (I tried alternative stable - 201910...(Ninguno)
Provide distrokey detached signed files2020-03-28 06:16
Hello there. In the goal of supporting clonezilla through the Heads Open Source Firmware project: 1- Clonezilla publ...(Ninguno)
NVMe support2020-02-08 01:45
Add detection of NVMe attached drives for duplication.(Ninguno)
Welcome to Developers (From Forum Message [#77732])2019-06-13 03:41
From Forum Developers [#77732] [forum: 77732] Welcome to Developers(From Forum Message 77732)(Ninguno)
2.6.2-25 all blocks2019-04-30 17:12
Hi, Using 2.6.1-25 on a Dell 5280, Win10, with 250G SSD, I saw it cloning all blocks to an NTFS target USB 3 drive. N...(Ninguno)