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How to Provide Dynamic Contents on Project Web Server

On OSDN project web server, you can generate and provide dynamic contents with CGI and PHP. Here, we'll explain how to deploy the dynamic contents.

CUsing CGI

Scripts and programs that are executed as CGI can only be placed below the web server's “/cgi-bin/” directory. This directory is equivalent to “/home/groups/<project UNIX name>/cgi-bin/” directory of shell server. No other directory beside this one is allowed using CGI.

To learn about the script languages and the versions that are available on project web server, read Details on Web Server.

On project web server, you can execute i386 binary program as well as script languages such as Perl and Ruby. If there's any library or module that is lacking, please contact OSDN Support Request.

Using PHP

On project web server, you could also execute PHP commands that are embedded within HTML. PHP can be run on all directories.