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Differences between Project and Chamber

At OSDN, there are two places to develop and release software. One is Project and the other is Chamber (PersonalForge).

Within a Project, because you can set the rights for each administrator and developer individually as of entire project or each function, and release page and web hosting are provided for the general users, it is possible to do one-stop open source development and community management. But for a simple small tool, or if you are working on your own, there may be too many functions. Chamber (PersonalForge) is a great solution for an individual who wants to release tools and contents without going through complicated process.

Project Chamber
Available Repositories Git, Subversion, Mercurial(ssh only), Bazaar(ssh only) Git、Mercurial(ssh only)、Subversion(ssh only)
Multiple Repositories For each Git, Mercurial, and Bazaar, you can set up as many as you wish. (For Subversion, you can set up only one.) For each Chamber, you can use only one of the following: Git, Mercurial, Subversion.
Team Development Multiple administers and developers of the whole Project or of a function can join. The owner of the Chamber manages all of the functions.
Fork from Web Becomes the origin of the Fork. Becomes the origin and destination of the Fork.
Communication Tools Forum, review, ticket, and mailing list. Ticket
PR Tools News, link to Twitter Not provided.
Web Hosting Provided. Not provided.
How to Create There will be screening for users who have registered just recently and have no created anything. Whenever you wish to create.