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I'd like to help

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I have patched together my copy of MinGW based on a very old install and a lot of manual downloading (about 3 weeks ago), I know there were a lot of broken links. My copy works great, I've compiled a ton of libraries into mine. I've also pulled MSYS2, and setup automounts to MinGW, TDM-MinGW, and MinGW-64. I've been in IT for over 20 years and I think this project is amazing or at least can be once again. MinGW-64, and MSYS2 are cool as well, but pacman, although it works nice if you KNOW the name of the package you want is a pain. i am/was/have been a Windows programmer for many years, also a Unix admin for several years, and Windows admin as well. So I have skills across the board, but recently I've been retraining myself to be all about MinGW as it offers me an equal development environment between my linux and windows systems. I've been slowly moving over to Linux as I can't stand Microsoft and I'm so tired of giving up my whole machine for what Microsoft tools can do when I can do them for a fraction of the overhead under MinGW. Sorry about the book, but I'm not sure if/and what kind of help you all need on this so I thought I'd toss in a little summary. I'm interested in helping on the project. Let me know. my email address is

thanks, Chris

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