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pg_dbms_stats makes fixed planner statistics and manages query plans.

From pg_dbms_stats13, pg_dbms_stats13 has moved to Github. See Github for information on later versions. See OSDN for information on pg_dbms_stats12 and earlier.

pg_dbms_stats :

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Publicado: 2017-10-10 13:35
pgdbmsstats 1.3.8 (2 files Ocultar)

Release Notes

pg_dbms_stats version 1.3.8 is released. This version supports PostgreSQL 10 but no functional changes has been made since the previous version. Therefore this version is released only for PostgreSQL 10.

pg_dbms_stats 1.3.8 をリリースします。このバージョンでは PostgreSQL 10 をサポートしますが、機能面での変更は前のバージョンからはありません。そのためリリースは PostgreSQL 10 用のみとなります。


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