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Publicado: 2005-07-29 13:02
scim-prime scim-prime-0.2.8 (1 files Ocultar)

Release Notes

Overview of Changes from scim-prime-0.2.7 to scim-prime-0.2.8
* Add a key binding to toggle on/off PRIME.
* Add default language setting.
* Fix a build problem on non glibc system.


2005-07-29 Takuro Ashie <>

* Version-0.2.8.

2005-07-28 Takuro Ashie <>

* po/ja.po, po/scim-prime.pot, src/scim_prime_imengine.{cpp,h},
src/scim_prime_imengine_setup.cpp, src/scim_prime_prefs.h:
Add a key binding to on/off PRIME.

2005-07-28 Takuro Ashie <>

* src/scim_prime_imengine.cpp, src/scim_prime_imengine_setup.cpp,
src/scim_prime_imengine_factory.{cpp.h}, src/scim_prime_prefs.h,
po/ja.po, po/scim-prime.pot:
Add default language setting.

2005-07-28 Takuro Ashie <>

* src/prime_connection.cpp: Fix a build problem on non glibc system.
Thanks 357 & 360 of SCIM thread on 2ch linux board.