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Publicado: 2006-09-26 10:53
inputmethod-icons inputmethod-icons-1.1.1 (1 files Ocultar)

Release Notes

Input method icons

About this package

This project packages a collection of input method icons contributed
by scim-imengine project, uim project, and other individuals. It is
dual-licensed under 3-clause BSDL and LGPL to reduce reuse cost.

It is intended that an icon addition or update is committed to the
inputmethod-icons project first, and then imported to each input
method projects, to centralize original source repository of the

Feel free to use these icons for any projects. And we welcome new
icons contribution.



Mailing list:

scim-imengine project:

uim project:


- See the file 'LIST' for categorized icon list

- The icons are currently separated based on project origin as just
aggregated. Cross-project folder categorization and uniform namings
may be considered only if actually needed

- Creative Commons licenses was once discussed, but not adopted since
it only brings bothering to both scim-imengine and uim
project. Suggest again if you want
.html (Japanese)

- Use rsvg(1) to convert SVG icons into other formats, as follows

$ rsvg -w48 -h48 -fpng skk.svg skk.png


2006-09-26 YAMAMOTO Kengo / YamaKen <>

* inputmethod-icons-1.1.1 release

* LIST: Add "Design origin of each icon" section
* AUTHORS: Add forgotten im_switcher.svg

2006-08-08 YAMAMOTO Kengo / YamaKen <>

* inputmethod-icons-1.1.0 release

* README: New file
* LIST: New file

* AUTHORS: Merge {scim-imengine,uim}/AUTHORS
* COPYING.BSDL: Merge scim-imengine/COPYING.BSDL and uim/COPYING
* COPYING.LGPL: Moved from scim-imengine/COPYING.LGPL and add
copyright holders of uim's

* uim/im_switcher.svg: New file
* uim/switcher-icon.png: Removed

* scim-imengine/scim-prime.png: Replace original 68*53 dot
icon with uim's 64*64 dot trimmed version of prime.png
* uim/prime.png: Removed to avoid being duplicated with

* uim/anthy.png: Removed since duplicated with scim-anthy.png
* uim/canna.png: Likewise

2006-08-06 YAMAMOTO Kengo / YamaKen <>

* Import uim icons of uim-1.2.0
* Import scim-imengine-icons-1.0.0