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The 'SIE' is an opensource SVG Animation rendering engine written in JavaScript for Edge and IE 11. It's lightweight, about 11kb (gzipped). SVG is a web standard language for drawing a vector graphics used in Inkscape, Illustlator and so on.

The SIE project is a community developing the SIE.

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Publicado: 2012-03-14 23:22
sie 0.96 (1 files Ocultar)

Release Notes

SIE0.96 has been released. The Spec is fixed in it.



2012-3-14 version 0.96 (Commit:b497220b05aaf9c4606f16a77b1c62f4835a73e7)

1, The Spec is fixed
2, To throw a error in a SVGPoint::matrixtramsform method
3, SVGLineElement is is lightened
4, SVGEllipseElement is lightened
5, SVGTextElement is lightened
6, word-spacing property is implemented
7, A repeatEvent is fixed

2012-3-14 version 0.96 (Commit:b497220b05aaf9c4606f16a77b1c62f4835a73e7)

1, SVGPointのmatrixTransformメソッドの不要なコメントを削除
2, SpecのSVGPointに関する修正
3, matrixTransformメソッドに関する無効同値クラスのチェックをSpecに追加
4, 3に伴い、SVGPointのmatrixtramsformメソッドを例外が投げることができるように修正
5, SVGLineElementの軽量化
6, SVGEllipseElementのvar文を整理
7, tar._frame関数の解放すべき変数を追加
8, SVGTextElementの軽量化
9, word-spacingプロパティ (属性)の実装
10, repeatEvent発火に関する改良