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Egnlish translation (2005-08-13 16:39 by Anónimo #15793)

Any english translation of the source code messages and docs ? I'm working on a quite similar project but I can't find any clue on how to work with your app


RE: Egnlish translation (2005-09-20 20:22 by bool #16519)

Sorry, please wait for several months or so, Now I'm developing on new code bases of SQS applications to support internationalization feature....
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RE: Egnlish translation (2009-08-12 12:58 by Anónimo #45395)

I found your project very interesting. Do you have english version now.

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RE: Egnlish translation (2009-12-11 09:38 by bool #47397)

Hi, Ram. Sorry for late reply.

Please access:

[メッセージ#45395 へのフォロー]

> Hi,
> I found your project very interesting. Do you have english version now.
> Ram

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RE: Egnlish translation (2007-08-05 19:39 by Anónimo #31094)

Hi, are there some news about the translation?
This project appear to be very interesting, loking at the screenshot...

Regards from Italy

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RE: Egnlish translation (2007-08-08 04:54 by bool #31168)

Hi, Alberto,

Sorry again, almost no progress... Still coding...(Plz someone help me, anyone!)

You can only find partially english translated apps:

(1)SourceEditor: XML Editor/Questionnaire Form Designer/XSL-FO based PDF publisher

(2)MarkReader2(beta): OMR(Optical Mark Reader) and CSV/XML/HTML statistics generator.

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RE: Egnlish translation (2007-08-08 05:59 by bool #31169)

I wrote a draft of a short summary of this project with new development status. Please check it.
We developed SQS(Shared Questionnaire System) as an e-form designer and an OMR(Optical Mark Reader) application software system written in Java language for portability (Java Web Start ready), can be freely used and redistributed commercially or non-commercially with Apache License Version 2.

SQS consists of two applications: (1)SourceEditor and (2)MarkReader.

(1)SQS SourceEditor is an enhancement of our original generic XML editor implementation, as an e-form designer with outliner GUI for editing e-form definitions and generating e-form print master PDF files.

The editing target XML document scheme is a subset of XHTML2.0 and XForms1.0(The XForms form control elements are hosted in XHTML). The target XML documents will be XSLTranslated into FO+SVG+XForms document representing OMR questionnaire form, rendered into a specially designed e-form print master PDF file. The e-form layout manipulation is automated by FO processor with XSL style information. OMR questionnaire form in black ink on normal paper. Multiple page and double side print master document generations are supported. The print master PDF file contains an attachment file of SVG Print document as the e-form metadata descriptor.

(2)SQS MarkReader is an OMR application with distributed parallel OMR engine, based on zero-conf pure P2P image processing GRID service. You need to prepare a folder contains some scanned OMR questionnaire form image files and its print master PDF file. When you drag-and-drop the folder into MarkReader application, new OMR session will be started and parallelized over MarkReader GRID services on the multcast reachable network. Spreadsheets, charts, statistics, free answer form image files and recognition error reports are generated in the session.
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