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Tree-View NotesTaker run on Windows/CE. It has encrypt notes and regular expression searching, too.

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Publicado: 2004-10-02 23:12
CURRENT 1.11 (13 files Ocultar)

Release Notes

* FIX: A heap memory is destroyed and unstable problem
* FIX: Dialog isn't indicated right on Windows98SE
* FIX: Different memo is chosen
* FIX: Ctrl-C is disabled on read only mode
* Add save without dialog option
* FIX: Down button ignored at filterdef dialog

* メモリ破壊による不安定動作が起こる問題の修正
* Windows98SEでダイアログの表示が化ける問題の修正
* HPC版でAlt-Tap時に違うメモが選択される問題の修正
* フィルタ定義ダイアログで"↓"ボタンが効かない問題の修正
* メモを閉じた時にダイアログを表示しないオプションの追加
* 閲覧モード時にCtrl-Cが効かない問題の修正


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