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Tree-View NotesTaker run on Windows/CE. It has encrypt notes and regular expression searching, too.

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Publicado: 2006-01-15 00:45
CURRENT 1.15 (7 files Ocultar)

Release Notes

* FIX: message resources is not displayed correct.
* FIX: "Encrypted not" is not checked on vfolder
* FIX: Toolbar is displayed black and white on Windows Mobile 5 devices
* Change install target directory "\Program Files" to "\Program Files\Tombo" on CE devices.
* FIX: Moving split pane is not work when portrait mode(PocketPC 2003SE and later)
* Add accelarator Ctrl-Q as EXIT.

* 横画面モード時にペインのリサイズがうまくいかない不具合の修正
* 内部で使用しているUTF-8処理の不具合の修正
* 検索時、"暗号メモも対象とする"を選択しても対象とならない不具合の修正


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