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2019-02-24 11:35
Opinión por Dude

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Great project so far; however I am having trouble installing custom Japanese language keyboards through the APK installer (not using Google Play, as I don't plan on to). Depending on the keyboard software, every time when I try to type in foreign characters, it just crashes. For instance, Google Japanese Input doesn't type any Japanese characters. And upon viewing the input settings, trying to access the dictionary, or allowing anonymous data collection (this action blocks me from entering the settings outright unless I wipe the app's data) is a guaranteed crash. With other keyboards like Swiftkey, the GUI doesn't even appear before crashing. The default keyboard works like a charm though. Maybe I have some settings misconfigured, or it is some kind of software incompatibility. I've even reinstalled the OS, no dice. I know others might not have an issue like this. But I assure you, this is happening to me. Otherwise, I wouldn't have wasted the whole day, only then to give up and come here to relay this. I am running Android 8.1 with VMWare Workstation 12 Player on a Windows 7 machine. I am using an Intel Core 2 Duo chipset. (The ARM compatibility option has no effect.) Hopefully this will be considered, and the issue will be resolved in a later distribution. Thanks for reading!
Good for general use.
Avoid using various apps from "unknown sources". (Keyboards installed out of Google Play seem to crash.) Firefox 65.0.1 (as of time of writing) installs, yet both ARM and Intel compatible APK's are not supported which fail to run. ("Sorry! This Firefox won't work on this device (x86,27). Please download the correct version.") Yes, I have the required specifications.

2019-01-18 12:48
Opinión por vanduc1102

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Thank everyone for your hardwork, I have installed the version on my IntelClassMate
- Smother than Android 7
- The touch screen doesnt work, please help to fix

2018-12-28 07:58
Opinión por Jesús

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Very Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

2018-11-08 07:39
Opinión por Someone

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Me parece excelente el proyecto y su calidad. Me gustaría que android-x86 de 32 bits tuviera Phisical Adress Extensions (PAE) habilitado, porque hay todavía muchas maquinas con BIOS con mas de 2GiB de RAM

2018-08-03 18:20
Opinión por trip

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nice piece of art ...not bad..

2018-05-21 18:58
Opinión por GenWay

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All is absolutely fine but Wifi isn't working...Wifi doesn't turning on my on this upadate..

2017-10-24 12:09
Opinión por Androidx86Fan

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Great OS to use overall, widevine decryption does not come by default so it must installed by downloading the binaries for the Google Nexus Player. ARM native bridge is available by toggling a button in the settings app but it takes a while. To make it go faster, the Google Nexus Player binaries has the native bridge library files for that though. Supports rotation sensors, camera, keyboard, mouse, optical disk (cd, dvd), NVME (as of 7.1-rc2), and external displays BUT MIRRORING ONLY
Fast, Simple, Stock, FREE, open source,
Slow native bridge download, no widevine decryption, doesn't support AMD very well, bugs appear often.

2016-12-07 15:39
Opinión por Sushiman

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I have had no problems running Android x86 in a dual boot with windows 8.1 on my Surface Pro 2 (EFI mode), except for the fact that I can't put the device to sleep, pressing the power button opens the power menu instead
Runs well, Gives more use to Windows tablets
Unable to use sleep mode

2016-10-09 22:31
Opinión por joonnnyyyy

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It's a good project, the developers make a excelent job!

2016-09-06 15:02
Opinión por Leonel

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Exectelente amigos muy buena la iniciativa , lo unico que les pediria seria que agregaran mas soporte para instalarlos a tabletas con windows 10 , hablo de las tablets siragon tb5200