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La GUI de Arch Linux te ayuda a instalar Vanilla Arch Linux, rápidamente, sin conexión y con un instalador gráfico.

El proyecto le permite elegir entre 5 escritorios (KDE, GNOME, XFCE, Cinnamon, MATE) y 2 administradores de ventanas (i3 y bspwm). El proyecto sigue un cronograma de lanzamiento continuo mensual, a menos que se indique lo contrario.


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2021-12-05 20:26
Opinión por KingDotNet

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Love the Zen variant (without ALG mirrorlist) only wish it was performance heavy with Zram, f2fs & Xanmod enabled automatically, the only major knock is after installing & rebooting, I keep getting an sddm error, it refuses to load without pressing f2 and installing certain packages (plasma-meta, Nvidia, python etc) then & only then will it boot properly.
Arch without the hassle, it's not like Artix, archlabs etc. it's full Arch Linux, you can't even tell it was installed using a GUI, same mirrors, packages aur etc.
Depending on version you may need to hit F2 to open a terminal after install/reboot, and install a few packages in order for it to load properly, but after it's fine.

2021-11-26 09:29
Opinión por RudahXimenes

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A great distro. That's an easy and friendly way to install Arch Linux.
Make the process to become an Arch Linux user friendly. Everything works fine and it's consistent.
The same as Arch Linux (once it's Arch Linux): it's really easy to break the system uninstalling apps you are not supposed to uninstall (e.g. Avahi Browser, etc). But it's really easy to repair as well.

2021-11-01 12:48
Opinión por xev

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Awesome distro! This rock! Nice distro
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