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Takeda Toshiya氏による、エミュレータコレクション、Common Source Code Project ( )をQtに移植した …だけではなく、富士通FM-8/7シリーズのコードを積極的にContribしています。


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Publicado: 2016-06-11 14:43
Win32-DLLs CSP_DLL_20160611 (1 files Ocultar)

Release Notes

Win32/MinGW DLLs package for Common Source Code Project (CSP)/Qt

June 11, 2016

K.Ohta <whatisthis.sowhat _at_>

1. Running binaries

Copy dlls within mingw-dlls to same directory at CSP binaries.

2. building (cross build)

    1. extract this archive to /usr/local : $ sudo tar xf this-file.tar -C /usr/local
    2. run ${CSP_SOURCE}/source/build-cmake/ . See how2build.ja.txt .

3. Notice

This files are homebrew build. You can re-distribute under GPL. See more details : (WIP)




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