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Descripción del Proyecto

QuickViewer is a graphic image viewer for comfortable browsing of many images.

This software performs reading of image data in advance. And drawing the imported image data on the screen with OpenGL. You can browse images with much smoother response than ever before.

QuickViewer is a free software lisenced under GPLv3.

Public Web Site is here:

System Requirements

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Publicado: 2017-09-03 03:13
Windows版zip QuickViewer-0.9.5 (2 files Ocultar)

Release Notes

improve behavior of run by file association, bugfixed

  • Enable QtSDK standard text language resource
  • Turn on checking if associations are defined in the registry
  • support for file association for current user only
  • bugfixed: Opening an image file in association when multiple activation is prohibited causes the z-order of the window to be inappropriate
  • bugfixed: When multiple image activation is prohibited, even when image file is opened more than once by association, it does not show only 1-page display
  • Change zip extraction to use 7zip (for linux)
  • validate desktop configulation(on linux)


  • QtSDK本体の多言語表記の有効化
  • レジストリに設定済みの関連付けを画面に反映
  • 現在のユーザーのみ有効な画像の関連付け方法
  • バグ修正: ファイルの関連付けでアプリを起動した場合にウィンドウのzオーダーが正しくない状態になった
  • バグ修正: 多重起動禁止の状態でファイルの関連付けで見開き表示にアプリを複数回起動した場合に2枚表示されていた
  • zipの解凍を7zipを使ったものに変更(linux向け)
  • Desktop設定ファイルの修正(linux向け)


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