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QuickViewer is a graphic image viewer for comfortable browsing of many images.

This software performs reading of image data in advance. And drawing the imported image data on the screen with OpenGL. You can browse images with much smoother response than ever before.

QuickViewer is a free software lisenced under GPLv3.

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Publicado: 2017-10-01 16:43
Windows版zip QuickViewer-1.0.0 (2 files Ocultar)

Release Notes

support for changing text format, abolish a menu, 2 bugfixed

  • support for changing text format of title bar and status bar
  • abolish 'Show full path of volume'
  • bugfixed: There were cases where redrawing was not performed normally when the image was reduced or rotated
  • bugfixed: Rotating the image by resizing by the CPU caused the wrong aspect ratio


  • タイトルバーとステータスバーのテキスト書式の変更機能
  • 『ボリュームのフルパスを表示』メニューの廃止
  • バグ修正: 画像を回転や縮小した場合に画面が正常に再描画されない場合があった
  • バグ修正: CPUによる補間時、正常に回転が行われなかった


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