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XScreenSaver is the standard screen saver collection shipped on most Linux and Unix systems running the X11 Window System. These screen savers also work on Mac OS (X11 is not required). More than 200 screen savers are included.

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Really Slick ScreenSavers GLX Port

The Really Slick ScreenSavers GLX Port is a port of some nifty OpenGL screensavers that were originally written for Windows to GLX. It is intended for use with an existing screensaver daemon like xscreensaver.

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KDE on Cygwin

The KDE on Cygwin project enables the KDE desktop on Windows. It is based on Cygwin (the POSIX emulation layer for Windows), XFree86, and Qt.

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GNUSTEP Live CD contains a lot of software for GNUstep, a free implementation of the OPENSTEP framework (which is also directly used in Mac OS X as Cocoa). It includes excellent applications for RAD (GORM and ProjectCenter). The CD is available for i486, AMD64, Apple Mac PowerPC, and Sun UltraSPARC computers.

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xlockmore is an enhanced version of xlock. It incorporates several new commandline options, which allow you to run it in a window, in the root window, in a different size/location, change the size of the iconified window, to install a new colormap and delay locking for use with xautolock.

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Xautolock monitors console activity under the X window system, and fires up a program of your choice if nothing happens during a user configurable period of time. You can use this to automatically start up a screen locker in case you tend to forget to do so manually before having a coffee break.

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Simulum deals with different simulations of star movements
and their visualizations. At first it looks at the projection and
accumulation of star brightness. In actually doing this it
distributes stars among a three dimensional figure. To get a
nice effect it combines the photographic image production
with a moving view point. So the outcome is the visual
impression of flying through a star field. Secondly it studies
different algorithms of particle movements and clustering.
The primary approach uses a combination of Newton's
gravitational law, energy, and impulse conservation. At all
these stages an highly dynamic view of the processes is able
to be produced.

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Matrix GL Screensaver

Matrixgl is a 3D screensaver for Linux (partially for KDE) based on "The Matrix Reloaded". It supports widescreen setups.

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Really Slick XScreenSavers

Really Slick XScreenSavers is a GLX port of the Really Slick Screensavers collection by Terry Welsh. The screensavers can be installed as standalone programs or as XScreenSaver hacks.

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ChBg is for changing desktop backgrounds in a given period. It can render images with 10 modes (such as tiled, centered, scaled, etc.). It uses Imlib1, Imlib2, or gdk_pixbuf for loading images, so it supports many image formats. ChBg has a windowed setup program, is able to load setup files, can be used as slideshow picture previewer in its own window or as a desktop background, and can be used as screensaver or as an xscreensaver hack. It has a dialog for fast previewing of pictures and very usable thumbnail previews.

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Really Slick Screensavers GLX Port

Really Slick ScreenSavers GLX Portは、もともと Windows 用に書かれたいくつか気の利いた OpenGL スクリーン セーバーです。これは、既存のスクリーン セーバー デーモン xscreensaver のように使用するものです。

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bengsaver is a screensaver for KDE. It shows bouncing balls or bee swarms, with collision detection.

Última actualización: 2008-02-24 14:32


DeskToy is a 3D screensaver for OS X. A complex
set of linked pendulums is displayed in perpetual
motion. The behavior of the view and the behavior
of the model is highly configurable using the
screensaver property sheet. The screen saver is
shipped in Universal Binary format for OS X 10.4+.

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KDE Packaging Project

このプロジェクトは、非公式coreやサードパーティKDE RPMパッケージの作成や配布を通して、Fedora™CoreおよびRed Hat® Enterprise Linux®上でそれ用のKDEやKDEベースアプリケーションの使用を促進することを意図しています。

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matrixgl - The Matrix Screensaver

Matrix Reloadedに基づいた3次元マトリックスのスクリーンセーバーです。ワイドスクリーン設定をサポートし、Windows、Linux, Ubuntu, BSD, その他の*NIX上で動作します。